Paul and Silas


Paul and Silas

Joy wants to escape from the hospital, where she must have her tonsils out. How can she find confidence to face the surgery? Superbook takes Joy, Chris and Gizmo to meet Paul and Silas, who deliver an evil spirit from a fortuneteller. See the amazing way Paul and Silas react when they are beaten and jailed for obeying God. Witness a miracle as an earthquake sets them free and the jailer is saved! The children learn the secret to being content in every situation.
*Be sure to preview the Bible story video for this course, as some imagery may be too intense for young children. The condensed version is less intense. Also preview the Bible Background and the Signposts videos.

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This is a supplemental DVD for off-line presentations of the videos used in the Superbook Academy Subscription.
This DVD DOES NOT include teacher lessons or student printables.